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7 Tips For Musicians On Becoming A Local Star

For a musician or band that is just getting started, building a local fanbase is the place to begin. Ari Herstand began his music career at the University of Minnesota where he went from being totally unknown to filling a local 700 seat venue in his first year to selling it out his second. He recently shared his tips on how to become a local star with examples from how he accomplished that goal.

7 Tips For Becoming A Local Star

1) You have to figure out early on what your niche [market/audience] is going to be.

2) One person seeing a poster or a Facebook ad or a YouTube video won’t get them out to your show. They have to be hit from multiple angles and from multiple people.

3) No social network or YouTube video can change the electrifying energy of a physical experience. Get out in the world and meet people!

4) Go to local concerts OFTEN and meet all the other bands.

5) Target your local promo efforts to specific groups that are unique to your band.

6) I recommend playing a big local show…once every 2-3 months as to not overwhelm your audience.

7) Make sure you get people to film these shows as you’ll want footage of you playing to a packed house. Share with local media so they know you have a real audience.

Article by Clyde Smith

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